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Heart Versus Heat at Western States 100


RUNHUNDRED is the debut book of Chris Zehetleitner about his life-changing experiences at the Western States Endurance Run.


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Paperback Book

Physical paperback book with 262 pages and colored photography. Signed by the author (Only Willpower Onlinestore)




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Runhundred Book and eBook

4th Woman at Western States 2022

Luzia Buehler

"Western States is not just any race, it is THE race. Chris beautifully captures his highly emotional adventure in his own unique way. Authentically written, his book leaves you craving for more. Chris demonstrates how running can positively transform your life."

Author, Activist and Ultrarunner

Damian Hall

"A really likeable and stirring story of an obsession with a sport and a race."

Runner's World Editor

Henning Lenertz

"You might read this book and simply like it. However, you might as well shed some tears while reading this. Just like I did. "


Shirt Bundles

Each bundle includes a signed paperback book and a t-shirt. You can choose between a black shirt and a white one.

Runhundred Book + Shirt Bundles

White Shirt & Book

White Shirt Bundle

This bundle includes a white RUNHUNDRED t-shirt and the RUNHUNDRED paperback book. Signed by the author.


Black Shirt & Book

Black Shirt Bundle

This bundle includes a black RUNHUNDRED t-shirt and the RUNHUNDRED paperback book. Signed by the author.


Top 10 Finisher at Western States 2023

Janosch Kowalczyk

"After my debut at Western States this year, while reading, I often found myself smiling, empathizing with Chris, and can confirm the myth. It feels like reappraisal with guidance, running once again in that parallel world. Rarely do I put books aside to contemplate instead of doing something else."


Flo Neuschwander

"I haven't had the chance to read yet because there's always a lot of action going on for me, but I'm very excited to pick up this book during the cold winter days and soak it up with a good cup of tea. I'm pretty sure it's an awesome story, and I'm also looking forward to reading it, as I'm sure it will bring back my own memories of WSER."


Benni Bublak

"100 miles are long. Long enough to fill a book with one single run? But Chris abolished my doubts: this book is written by a levelhead but tells the story of a runner, who punk-heartedly reached the finish line of his dream-race."


About the Book

When a level-headed amateur runner is granted the chance to run the grueling hot Western States Endurance Run, he discovers that his epic journey to the finish line is about much more than just battling the heat.

Runhundred Book Cover

What's left when there's nothing left?


Amid scorching heat and the Sierra Nevada wilderness, Chris Zehetleitner faces a profound question during his first 100-mile ultramarathon, the Western States Endurance Run: "What's left when there's nothing left?"Venturing into this grueling race, Chris discovers it can't be conquered through meticulous planning or a diligent physical preparation alone. While enduring the impossible, he realizes that he has to silence his mind and run with his heart. This revelation isn’t just a turning point in the race; it transformed his entire life.In his debut book, Runhundred, Chris Zehetleitner fearlessly opens up his soul and outspokenly shares his innermost thoughts and emotions from this life-changing experience. With unprecedented candor and authenticity, Runhundred stands apart from typical self-congratulatory runner tales or generic guidebooks. It's a genuine, grounded account of what ultrarunning truly means. Not just as a sport, but as a deep enrichment to life itself.This book also pays tribute to the oldest and most iconic 100-mile ultramarathon in the world and describes this exceptional race in great detail. The Western States Endurance Run has written countless gripping stories over the decades. This one is called Runhundred.

Australian Ultrarunner

Mat Grills

"Runhundred is a wonderful insight into ultrarunning for all to experience. Through Chris' writing, the reader can virtually feel what running 100 miles is truly like. It is an incredibly descriptive and captivating recounting of his long journey on foot. Through the preparation phase, to the start line in Olympic Valley, to the finish line in Auburn and everything in between, one rides the highs and lows with him.Chris has left his heart on the pages of this book and I know you will love Runhundred as much as I have."

Ultrarunner | Western States crew captain | and author’s wife

Lisa Mehl

"It's hard for me to look at Runhundred in a neutral way. I've seen firsthand how the person I love falls apart and gives up. But I've also seen him retrieve himself through running, which I adore as well. Fortunately, I still don't understand his weird cutoff time calculations, so it remained only to hope that his situation will get better at some point. It would be the greatest recognition for the book if readers, faced with their own challenges, remembered this possibility."


Christian Bruness

"This is one of the few books on ultrarunning that I would truly consider a must read. It's thought-provoking, well-written, and most of all, inspiring. If you're not already an ultrarunner, Runhundred will probably make you one."

Chris Zehetleitner

About the Author

"I used to play in hardcore-punk bands and now I write about running." — Chris Zehetleitner aka Das Z)

Author photo of Chris Zehetleitner

About the author

Das Z

Chris Zehetleitner is a 45-year-old writer, ultrarunner, cat lover, coffee connoisseur and former touring musician and music professional from Munich, Germany. He is the founder and owner of the running clothing brand WILLPOWER and a couple of other more or less visible side hustles. Chris runs the Das Z Letter running blog and newsletter and occasionally contributes stories to Like the Wind Magazine, Runner’s World, Laufzeit and started running rather late in his life, when he was 34, and he hasn’t stopped since. Together with his wife Lisa, he enjoys life and running to the fullest and looks forward to many more exciting running projects in the future.

Western States Endurance Run

About Western States

"Western States is not just a race. It is a state of mind, a way of life, a journey of the soul." — Ann Trason, 14-time Western States winner

Finish Line Photo of the Western States Endurance Run

About the race

WEstern States 100

The Western States Endurance Run (also known as "Western States 100" or "Western States") is a 100.2-mile (161 km) mountain race. It is the oldest and most iconic ultramarathon in the world. It takes place each June in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. The race course starts at high altitude in the Olympic Valley and gradually descents into Auburn, a small town in Placer County, right in the middle between Reno, Nevada and Sacramento, California.

Participants of the race have to climb 18,090 feet (5,500 m) and descent 22,970 feet (7,000 m). It looks doable on paper, but is grueling in reality. Besides running at high altitude and rugged back country terrain, the intense heat is one of the major challenges of the Western States Endurance Run. Temperature can reach up to 104 degree Fahrenheit (40 degree Celsius) with big parts of the race course fully exposed to the sun.

The race has a strict 30-hour cut off time to be recognized as an official finisher and receive a bronze belt buckle. Runners who finish the race in under 24 hours receive a silver belt buckle.

Since 1984 only 369 participants are allowed to run Western States 100 each year. More than 6000 runners first qualify and then apply for a notorious lottery, selecting only 267 winners to run the race. An additional 102 runners are automatic entrants because they finished top 10 in the previous year, won a golden ticket race, are members of the Board of Directors or have been selected because of their outstanding work and support for the race.

Alongside the UTMB in Chamonix, France, the Western States Endurance Run is the most competitive and most sought-after ultrarunning event in the world. Almost without exception Western States sees the most outstanding athletic performances of our sport every year. It repeatedly redefines what is possible in ultra trail running and endurance sports in general. To almost every ultrarunner, it is the biggest dream and greatest honor to be a part of it.

Das Z


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